Annika Ström

‘The Inept Five’

Annika Ström (SWE)

8th June 2012

Jonathan Purcell Photography _MG_0953between_2_3_jonathon_purcell_photographyJonathan Purcell Photography _MG_0969Jonathan Purcell Photography _MG_0830

Failing as an artist and failing as a human being are recurrent themes in Annika Ström’s work. Her songs, text pieces and films all touch on the question of inadequacy – if not miserable failure. The content and aesthetics repeatedly play with the notion of imperfection. Ström’s text pieces are clearly hand painted, the videos include shaky, blurred images, and her rhythm-box compositions flirt with an amateurish Eurovision aesthetic.  A distinguishing characteristic of Annika Ström’s work is the portrayal of everyday environments where both humour and melancholy prevail. This applies to all her forms of expression: video, text paintings, photography and music. Her videos and songs are documentary studies of social interactions in her immediate surroundings in which friends, family and the artist herself take part. The large scale text paintings consist of short messages resembling advertising slogans, such as ”This work was made with passion” and ”Please remove me from your mailing list”.

Annika Ström was born in Helsingborg Sweden in 1964. She lived in Berlin until 2005, and now lives and works in Hove, UK.  Strom works with a variety of media, including video, performance and installation, using both actors and unknowing audience participants in her work.