Louise Adkins

by betweenproject

‘Material Balance’

Louise Adkins (UK)

8th June 2012

For Between Louise Adkins presented ‘Material Balance’ a re-enactment of the legendary 1972 world chess championship clash between the American challenger Bobby Fischer and the Soviet champion Boris Spassky. Billed as the battle between ‘good and evil’ this, most famous of all chess matches, was recreated for ‘Between’ in gallery 3.

JonathanPurcellPhotographybetween3Material_Balance_close_JonathanPurcellPhotographymaterial_balance_wide_Jonathan Purcell Photography

Louise Adkins practice has grown out of a series of performance, artists film and installation works produced collaboratively under the name ‘Lisalouise” and individually as Louise Adkins. She has exhibited extensively throughout the UK and Europe and is currently working as Artist/Curator on the Between programme. Selected exhibitions include ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ Arsenal Gallery Poznan, Poland, ‘Pressure Point – Between Tracks’ Badhaus, St Gallan Switzerland, Meanwhile in Manchester’ Grand Union and Lombard Method, Birmingham, ‘The Magic of Real Life in Real Situations’ Centre of Contemporary Art (CCA) Glasgow. Louise Adkins lives and works in Manchester and is a Senior Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University in the School of Art.