Hayley Newman

by betweenproject


Hayley Newman (UK)

30th March 2012

Gallery 3 is filled with crates, tools, paint and wood. The incoming and outgoing exhibitions share the space of the upper gallery of the Cornerhouse for one night only. Held in transition, these objects become the set for a performance with many faces. Together we look to, from, between and at each other: a wink, a twitch, a frown and a smile.

Hayley Newman is one of Britain’s leading performance artists. She is represented in the Arts Council Collection by a range of work from two series: Connotations – Performance Images 1994-1998 (1998) and Connotations II (2002). Newman’s work builds on the rich heritage of performance art since the 1960s and explores the relationship between a performance and its documentation. She uses video, photography and text to document a range of quirky and often humorous performances that may or may not have taken place.